Gifts With Clout

Samsung ~ Cheil North America

For the holidays, we capped off Samsung's most iconic products with the ultimate gift-rap.

Gifts with this much clout speak for themselves, and no basic wrapper will do. Premium presents deserve the best rapper, the only one who can describe how the perfect gift shows your loved ones you understand their passions.

2021 Silver Addy

What started as four sick digital ads turned into a chart-topping global campaign running in ten countries. Additional, adapted spots featuring Paloma Mami were created for the U.S. Hispanic market.

On YouTube, the engagement rate was 201% above Samsung’s standard benchmark. In the U.S., the click-through rate was 45% higher and the video-completion rate was 46% higher than Samsung’s averages for the entire year. Fans even dropped their own music video made from a compilation of the ads.